In 2012, Bread of Life Mission and teams from Seacoast Church built a clinic in Namariat, Turkana, Kenya, an area of the county that seemed to be forgotten by the government.  The original vision was two fold: 1) Provide healthcare for the larger community who had to walk 40km for both major and minor health concerns at the time; 2) Provide a way for the government to partner with us to serve these incredible people.

We’re excited to say that both objectives have been met!  The village in Namariat is now open 5 days/week with a community health worker to serve the men, women, and children of the community.  This has been a particular blessing this summer with the malaria outbreak in the area.  Government officials claim that it is one of the best and busiest clinics outside of the main cities of the county.

In addition, the government has chosen to join us in this service and provides all the medicine as well as teams that come out to help with feeding programs for the small children most months.  By accepting BOL’s invitation to join us to provide medical care, the government has also seen the need for education within this remote area and has started an ECD (Early Childhood Development) program as well as partnered with us to begin Classes 1 and 2 within the village.

We’re so excited to see how this partnership with the community continues to change lives and bring opportunities to our families in Namariat and the surrounding villages.  Soon we will begin raising funds for additions to our clinic including a ward for those that need observation and a laboratory to help us better serve our people.  Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

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