Travis Story – Hut with No Walls


Our project goals for this particular outreach were very specific. We planned and executed the building of two homes in the targeted area. One home was for the local missionary and BOL partner Pastor Ogree. The new home will now allow him to stay close to his flock and better meet their needs as a local spiritual leader. The home will second as a guest house for passing missionaries in the future. The build was a huge success and I look forward to visiting the Pastor in his home in the near future. The second home was very near to my heart. We meet a sweet young mother living in the area. She has three sets of twins plus two additional children. This young mother was homeless and helpless. She was sleeping with her 8 children under a 4-foot by 4-foot “hut” with no walls…really just a roof. When we saw this situation we could not let it go so BOL and the YWAM team constructed her a round home made from local materials. Now she and her children can sleep inside out of the rain and heat. Alone with sharing the Gospel of Jesus with her, we also used the time in Pokot to explain to the locals living around her the importance of being a community of unity…to help one another in time of need. I was very surprised at the number of people that came out to help us build her house. Because of her generous friends that lent a helping hand, we were able to complete the home in just one long day. As we speak, she is no longer homeless but full of new hope and joy as well as dry from the weather.


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    Travis Evans
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