Zach’s Story – Praying over a Generator


I remember yelling to Ernest and Joel, nervous, unsure, our generator had maybe enough gas for 20 minutes of the movie, but no chance we would make it two hours. The "fixer" I am i tried to think of alternate solutions scrambling to plan or who would preach when the movie stopped, alerting our teams so we could keep the crowd that was gathers - when I was suddnely stopped. Joel and Ernest told me something important - God is in this mission field and we miracles still happen today. We prayed a long Kenyan prayer - in face the generator probably should have stopped while we were praying, but it didnt. They told me not to plan any more and just to trust. Of course I was still anticipating when the generator would fail! To my amazement it never did, what should have lasted 30 minutes lasted well over 2 hours and while it may seem insignificant I realized that day that God still works tangibly - he still preforms miracles things to let us know he is physically with us, and he wants every end of the earth to know His name.


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    Zach Hogeboom
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