Sponsor a Child Today

We are excited to announce the opening of a new school in Turkana, Kenya. This is our second school we have opened and seeing the lives of the 58 kids who have sponsors and are getting an education, showed us how valuable this ministry is and how much these people long for an education and the care of others. With the opening of this new school, we have 29 kids who are in need of a sponsor.

A sponsor is someone who has decided they want to help one of these children not only get an education, but have two meals a day, medical care and the hope of a better future. For $42/month, the cost of a few name brand coffees or a date night, you can provide a child with food, clothing, an education and the knowledge that someone loves them enough to help them in their journey. You will have the opportunity to write them letters, send them gifts, even visit them, if that is what you would like to do. To find out more information, email Mel Alm (malm@breadoflifeafrica.com).

Thank you for all your support of Bread of Life Mission. God is using you to impact the lives of thousands in Pokot and Turkana, Kenya, as well as South Sudan. Thank you for your prayers, your generosity and your willingness to share the mission with others. We would not be seeing so much amazing fruit if it wasn’t for you!!!