Mel’s Story


I started working with John and Joel back in 2005, so I was serving with them when the Lord invited them into the adventure that would become Bread of Life Mission. We started working with the Maasai tribe, moved to the tribe in West Pokot, and finally landed in Turkana. The Turkanans have won my heart. They are so open to all of us coming to live alongside them for our time in Turkana. Truly, I have fallen in love with these people - from the beautiful children that never tire of loving and being loved to the incredible hospitality we receive to getting to be part of the inspiring ministry being done by the Kenyan missionaries that live there. It is such an honor to work there. This past year or so, two of my favorite missionaries married each other and this past year, we got to share in the joy and anticipation of an impending baby. During my month in Turkana this past summer, we got to talk about the baby on the way and guess the gender. I even teased the parents that they were going to end up with twins. They laughed at me! Late August brought the arrival of sweet Victor AND Hilda! Beautiful twins! Please be in prayer for my sweet friends as they get used to being a family of four and work to support the doubling of their new little family.