Emily’s Story


In 2012 I had the opportunity to go to Kenya with Bread of Life for the first time. It was truly a life changing experience out in the bush of Turkana. One of the first days I was there I saw a sweet little girl limping through the dessert in her little Croc shoes. Not knowing her tribal language I started to look over her legs and feet. I noticed that one of her big toenails was completely off. She was on her way to school, but I picked her up and carried her back to the mission camp. Back at the mission camp I learned her named was Asinyen. Thankfully, we had an amazing nurse on our team named Courtney and she was able to start some treatment. The toe nail bed was incredibly infected and dirty due to the very sandy conditions of Turkana. At that point we had no place for those in the village to get medical care, and we were actually in the process of finishing construction of the clinic. We had to make do and use the manyata (small hut) in which we kept all of our luggage. We set Asinyen up on a bed frame with suitcases as cushions. Courtney started to clean her wound and flush it out. Asinyen was so brave. We prayed that Jesus would heal her and she would have no pain. She never screamed and never fought us. She knew that we were helping her even though we could not communicate. Asinyen ended up passing out in the middle of the cleaning, which I believe was truly Jesus sparing her from more pain. When she woke up, we took her to school just in time for lunch! After school we had one of the teachers translate and let her know that she needed to come see us first thing every morning while we were in the bush! To think that a little girl has the maturity to remember to come see us blew me away. She was there faithfully every morning before school. She was not always thrilled, but she was there! We would have her soak her toe to get all the sand out and then Courtney would bandage it back up! I was so glad that I was able to build a relationship with this sweet girl even though the circumstances were not the best. She was on the road the healing when we left and when I went back to the Turkana the next year it looked as if nothing had happened to her. Praise Jesus for nurses and medicine!


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